Is Cybercrime a Threat at Your Dealership?


Cybercrime is a major threat to businesses everywhere, including auto dealerships.

Contrary to popular belief, cyber criminals do not use sophisticated hacks to access locked files. Instead, they focus on a vulnerable access point; your employees. The typical cyber attack that auto dealers face comes in the form of an email scam.  These phishing attacks focus on getting employees to perform actions or enter data that can compromise your secure network and give the criminals access to sensitive information.

 The best way to prevent these cybercrimes is to make your employees aware of the dangers and to educate them on ways to recognize and avoid these cyber attacks.

 With phishing scams, it is imperative to pay attention to the details. Employees should refrain from opening an email attachment if they do not recognize the sender, and flag emails that request a password or personal information. Any suspicious emails should be reported immediately.

 In addition, it is highly recommended that each major dealership designate an employee or group of employees to Cybersecurity. This team can assess potential risks and address security concerns as they arise.