The Dealership of the Future

The end of the 20th Century came with the revolutionary idea of online shopping. It started with the first couple of transactions at NetMarket and Internet Shopping Network before was launched with eBay following soon after.



Nowadays, most people seem to prefer online shopping over shopping in stores. Not only does online shopping save time and gas, it also saves the stress of browsing in-store. Online shopping has become so prominent in people’s lives that a once famous company--Toys ’R’ Us--closed due to many reasons, with one of them being a loss of business and a lack of customers due to the increasing presence of online shopping. This is believed to be the future of car dealerships.


Within the next several years, it is expected that the vast majority of dealership transactions will take place online. Consumers will have access to all of the information regarding the vehicles and financing, allowing them to control the entire process. This online platform will allow dealers to show transparency and accountability, which in turn will likely increase customer satisfaction and trust.


Some companies already have a head start. In fact, Ford Credit has announced its investment in an online car-buying platform. It is never too early to start thinking of the future.