Legal Advice for Automotive Dealers

Automobile dealerships are complex businesses with a wide plethora of legal problems that require highly specialized knowledge. KFB-Law has an excellent, well-seasoned legal team with the skills and experience needed to handle any issues that may arise within an automotive dealership.

These matters may include franchise issues, transactions, dealership realty, regulatory and statutory compliance issues, and many other issues relating to licensing or litigation. Our attorneys can work hand in hand with you and your dealership. Whether you are just starting out, or the founder of a hugely successful automobile franchise, we are ready and able to offer you around-the-clock legal advice.

Our attorneys remain up to date with the ever-changing laws of the automobile industry and can help you keep track of new regulations or procedures. We can help keep you informed and draft new forms or paperwork as needed. We can also advise you about how to train your personnel in compliance to these new regulations.

If you are part of an automobile dealership, then don’t face your legal issues alone, and don’t wait for an issue to arise before looking for help. Out attorneys can work with you every step of the way to help prevent compliance issues and to keep your dealership running smoothly. Just as a car needs a skilled mechanic, a dealership needs a trusty law advisor working behind the scenes, or under the hood.

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