John Forehand Joins South Motors; Firm Renamed Kurkin Brandes LLP


Kurkin Forehand Brandes has changed its name to Kurkin Brandes as it congratulates John W. Forehand, who has left the firm after recently accepting a position at the Vista/South Motors Dealer Group.

The firm’s Tallahassee office remains open as the firm continues to represent businesses statewide.

“Our experienced group of attorneys will continue to deliver the highest level of excellence to our clients in all of our practice areas,” said Alex Kurkin. “Beyond that, John and I were friends prior to becoming business partners and we truly remain friends today, and I expect that we will continue to work together; although now in an attorney-client relationship.”

Kurkin Brandes, LLP, focuses on contract law, election law, franchise law, automobile dealer law, real estate law, business acquisitions, regulatory compliance, government disputes and commercial litigation. Its partners represent the Florida Automobile Dealers Association and regularly conduct compliance seminars for organization members. A new firm website is currently under construction at, in the meantime visit or call (305) 929-8500 for more information on Kurkin Brandes.

John Mock