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Handling litigation over discrimination allegations

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If you have concerns about a discrimination lawsuit targeting your business, you need to pore over the details of the case and develop a clear understanding of the best path forward. The way you handle this case could have a major impact on the future of your company, whether you run a large firm or own a smaller business.

From age discrimination to complaints regarding an employee’s sex, racial background or religious views, discrimination cases arise for a host of reasons. Moreover, every case is different and you need to take an individualized approach.

What happens when someone files a charge over discrimination?

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the EEOC informs organizations targeted by discrimination charges within 10 days. If a current or former employee filed charges against your company with the EEOC over discrimination, you can access information related to the investigation using an online portal. Often, these cases close as a result of a settlement or mediation.

What can you do to defend your firm against discrimination allegations?

If you believe that the discrimination charges are invalid, you can take steps to prove that the allegations are baseless and protect your company. The EEOC states that companies can provide facts and evidence to prove that employee rights violations did not occur and it is important to cooperate with investigators. Sometimes, business owners can resolve these cases quicker by allowing on-site visits from EEOC investigators.

From financial challenges to court-related stress and a shattered reputation, discrimination cases are very serious and you need to approach these charges with care.