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Becoming a licensed automobile dealer in Florida

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Before you may legally sell vehicles in Florida, you must obtain a license that allows you to do so. There are different types of licenses that exist, and the one you may need is going to depend on the type of vehicles you plan to sell.

There are a number of important steps involved in securing a license for an auto dealership in Florida. In doing so, you may have to take the following actions, among others.

Participate in a pre-licensing training course

Before becoming a licensed dealer, you must enroll in and complete a training course administered by an approved educational provider. You then have to submit a copy of your certificate of completion alongside your application.

Secure approval for a business location

You also need to have a representative or compliance officer from a regional office approve and sign off on the location where you plan to open your dealership.

Obtain a bond

You also need to purchase an auto dealer surety bond before you may move forward with obtaining a license for an auto dealership. The cost of the bond may vary based on certain factors, such as your financial history and how long you have worked in the industry. There are two main types of bonds. The first is a franchise motor vehicle dealer bond, which is appropriate if you plan to sell new cars. The other is an independent motor vehicle bond, which is appropriate if you plan to deal used vehicles.

There are some of the key steps involved in securing a Florida auto dealership license. However, this is not an exhaustive list of all steps involved in the process.