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Avoiding litigation in your franchise disputes

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While franchise disputes may be an almost-inevitable part of owning a dealership, getting into litigation over these disputes is not. In fact, savvy business owners of all stripes realize that litigation is often an expensive nightmare that takes a lot of time and energy. Not to mention, litigating against an adverse party often ruins otherwise-valuable business relationships.

Fortunately, it is possible to reach a settlement far before anything gets to a court of law. Some good tips for avoiding litigation include following the golden rule and ensuring that communications between you and any third parties are very clear.

What is the golden rule?

The golden rule is very simple. Namely, treat others the way that you would like them to treat you. In terms of litigation, this means stepping back from your own emotions and considering what is objectively right in the situation. You must not only consider your own perspective, but also the perspective of the adversarial party. Sometimes doing this can help you get a better perspective on the entire situation. This can help you reach a settlement and avoid litigation.

Why is communication important?

Did you know that, many times, litigation ensues because one party does not respond at all to the other party’s communications? Thus, a great way to ensure that you avoid litigation with third parties is to have clear lines of communication established before entering into any sort of relationship.

Particularly if litigation is inevitable, keeping these lines of communication open is vital. Having expert advice on your side throughout this process can help you manage top level legal communication.