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What is the Florida dealer license you’re looking for?

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There are many different kinds of car dealership licenses in the Sunshine State. The diversity in options is designed to match the various types of merchants that deal in motor vehicles and their components.

What kind of dealer license do I need if I’m interested in selling new cars?

The classic model of dealerships working with manufacturers or distributors to buy lots of new vehicles and selling them to individual buyers requires a Type VF license. A Type VW license allows retail dealers to work with wholesaling dealers or auctions.

What if I’m interested in used cars?

Independent used car dealers with lots require a Type VI license. This may apply to anyone who sells more than three vehicles in a 12-month period in Florida, as anyone who fits this description requires a license.

What other sorts of licenses apply to car sales and service?

Auctioneers and people who buy or sell exclusively at auctions have a VA license. An SF license is held by mechanics and others who service cars but do not sell them, while an SV license allows holders to sell wrecked or otherwise salvaged cars and trucks.

What sort of help is there for people who need help with licensing?

Anyone thinking about licensing a car dealership in Florida may also consider legal representation. A lawyer can help with filing an application for any of these types of licenses, as well as check with state and local compliance of dealers and their vehicles. An attorney can also defend against challenges to dealers’ access to their markets.