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Online platforms vindicated in Florida business tax case

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The world of business is constantly changing, with customers changing their tastes and manufacturers switching up their offerings every year. No one knows this better than car dealers, who encounter a new offering with new features every year for every model.

As a result, the world of business law changes a lot as well. Tax codes in Florida and elsewhere in the United States may change every year, and counties can change their approach to business based on a lot of different factors. Many businesses have a legal counsel to automatically deal with these issues and any problems that may come up for the individual projects or operations.

Taxes are one of the most important parts of business law. Companies can miscalculate their taxes and lose a significant chunk of their profits. This is especially true when they don’t know what sorts of taxes they own.

Occasionally, court cases can sort these issues out. A recent appeals court case that originated with the tax collector in West Palm Beach affirms that rental sharing services do not have to collect tourism tax. Considered as conduits for other people’s business, the platforms will be able to pass their tax liability off to the individual users.

People with questions about business law in Florida may always contact legal representation. An attorney can always review tax codes and laws as they stand at the time, giving clients the guidance they need to navigate the marketplace. A lawyer can also handle any interactions with courts and litigants that may be necessary to keep a business going.