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Florida’s commercial real estate market steams along

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You have a new business that needs a home. Your expanding business needs new retail options or ways to reach out to clientele. Your pared-down business needs to save some money with a more modest location. If any of these are true, you are looking for commercial real estate.

Florida is the place to be for a good option for real estate. The Sunshine State shows no sign of slowing down after more than a decade of a property boom that includes new acquisitions, subdivisions and developments in Miami, Orlando, the Tampa area and elsewhere.

Population growth and increased industry, especially tourism, fed the boom. The speed of population growth, second only to Texas but still more comfortable for infrastructure than in California, makes this era an unprecedented potential for success in Florida.

Part of this movement is due to higher property and personal taxes in several states like New York and Connecticut, which is driving many people to places with lower tax liabilities. Florida is also becoming home for many retirees looking to stretch their resources later into life.

Real estate investment is also big business in Florida, which was the No. 1 state for foreign purchases and sales of property and buildings in 2017. The state’s easy access to shipping and other forms of large-scale commerce makes it attractive to several investors.

Help with commercial real estate options is always available with legal representation. A lawyer can investigate the best sources of real estate a business can use, as well as work out the best arrangements for purchase or rental.