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Accessibility: An important factor in commercial real estate

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Business owners know that location can be everything.

That is why choosing the right property for your business is such a crucial decision. Business owners must approach this decision with strategic precision. You must complete your due diligence before purchasing a property. And an important factor that all business owners must consider nowadays is accessibility.

Evaluating access to the property is critical

The physical condition of the property is one of the many factors to consider before purchasing. You should ensure the location has:

  • Visibility to the community;
  • Space for parking; and
  • Easy access from main roads.

After all, access to the building can have a significant impact on your business’s success in this location.

Determining accessibility is even more important

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that public places must offer equal access to all people.

This means that you must also evaluate whether the location of your choosing is accessible to individuals with disabilities. You should evaluate whether properties have:

  • Flat entryways or ramps;
  • Wide doorways;
  • Elevators, if the building has multiple floors;
  • Accessible restrooms, with Braille signs.

If properties do not have these accommodations, then you must also calculate how flexible your budget is to add them. This is critical since you could face a high risk of disputes if the location is not accessible.

Florida building codes require buildings built after 1997 to meet certain requirements to ensure accessibility. However, older buildings might not be up to code.

Regardless of how old the building is, you must address accessibility before purchasing a commercial property. It can help business owners proactively mitigate risks and protect the future of their business ventures.