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What are deceptive trade practices under Florida law?

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Trust is one of the main foundations of good business in a burgeoning economy. Customers and clients have to believe their vendors and service providers have their best interests at heart. This is why people who have a problem with businesses and their policies have recourse in the Florida civil court system.

  • What is it called when someone breaches trust in the marketplace?

If a business or a person working for a company is not being honest with a potential customer, it is considered a deceptive trade practice. This may apply to unrealistic claims made about products or any deceptions regarding the specifics of a product’s function. This also may include both vehicle and property sales.

  • Who might bring a suit for deceptive trade practices?

A consumer affected by these practices may bring a claim based on their negative experience. A regulatory agency may also bring an action against a business if a practice is covered under their jurisdiction.

  • What are the penalties for deceptive trade practices?

This varies based on the offense. Some specific issues, like tampering with an odometer in a used vehicle before its resale, are specific violations of Florida law. Some broader practices like false advertising may qualify as a misdemeanor and also be prosecuted.

  • How can businesses defend themselves against charges of deceptive trade practices?

An attorney can help businesses and their owners with any criminal or civil actions that may be taken against them. Your lawyer can ably represent a business or individuals working with it in the case of claims against the organization or specific people within it.