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The Florida Franchise Act guards against dealership fraud

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Have you ever heard a business idea that was too good to be true? Some of them may be like a surprise investment not on offer to many other people, but smart businesspeople often conclude something that is too good to be true probably isn’t true at all.

If the business idea was a car dealership, then investors in prospective lots can take comfort in the Florida Franchise Act. This law spells out how some efforts to get a dealership or several off the ground may be considered a violation of the law.

For example, a person or business organization can sue over unrealistic expectations for a franchise’s success if they were part of the pitch to invest. Any knowingly incorrect information regarding the required investment to get the business off the ground or the possibility of similar franchises in the same market may also be a violation of the Florida Franchise Act.

If it has been stipulated or ruled that someone violated the law, a judge may order the return of the entire investment put toward a franchise or dealership, as well as any necessary fees for legal action. The litigant in this case must also be shown to be doing business in Florida.

Any investor or dealer with a problem covered by the Florida Franchise Act may hire an attorney to help put their case forward in a civil court. A lawyer could also help figure out whether or not a business plan violated the law or any others that could lead to financial restitution for investors and businesspeople.