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Millennials seek suburban comfort in Florida

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Real estate is big business in Florida, and it has been for decades. Many developers make their choices and place their investments after a lot of research into where will generate the most income or profit. The people who understand these rules have been noticing a change in the Sunshine State and are changing their strategies as a result.

The second half of the 20th century saw a huge uptick in suburban building as many people with the means and skills to move to the cities did so. Many families previously working on farms and in factories also made their way to suburbs, chasing the dream of home ownership and community.

The last decade saw the suburbs start to drain as a new generation preferred walkable distances to spread-out towns with parking lots. Retailers and other businesses in suburban towns began to empty out. But a new trend of younger people beginning to excel in their careers and build families are headed back to the suburbs.

“They are at that next stage,” said the community relations director of a suburban development. “They’re married. Maybe they’re ready to start having kids. They’re ready to get out of the city and into the suburbs.”

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