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Helping you work through dealership licensing process and issues

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It’s no surprise that individuals in Florida and elsewhere rely on motor vehicles to get around. To address this demand for consumers in Florida, automobile dealerships are established throughout the state. However, like any other business, the proper paperwork must be filed to establish a dealership in the state. Additionally, one needs to be licensed in the state to operate a motor vehicle dealership. Because automobile dealer law is unique, it is important that one fully understands how these laws impact one’s ability to establish, own or operate a dealership.

When it comes to establishing an automobile dealership, there are many working parts to this process. To begin, one needs to obtain the proper license to operate a dealership. And mixed with this are agreements, transactions and business relationships with manufacturers, other automobile dealerships and franchises. At Kurkin Forehand Brandes, LLP, our attorneys are well versed in automobile dealer laws and are dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses in the Aventura area.

No matter where an individual or business is in the process, our law firm takes the time to ensure our clients have worked through and completed all necessary paperwork to obtain a license approval. And in matters where there are transactional disagreements in this process, our law firm takes the time to explain one’s options, helping them resolve the matter quickly.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s dealership licensing web page. Navigating automobile dealer law can be challenging, especially for an individual or group of individuals seeking to establish a motor vehicle dealership. A legal professional could help answer these questions, ensuring that one is aware of their rights and that they are protected throughout the process.