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Startup company plans to revolutionize drone aviation

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After long development in military applications, drone aircraft are becoming an increasing presence in consumer markets. They’re used for toys, camera work and possibly even package delivery. However, most of these drones are powered by electricity, and as a result they are limited by the weight and electrical capacity of their batteries.

A Florida startup hopes to change that. Miami’s UAV Turbines is developing tiny jet engines. These microturbines can be used to produce thrust or to power propellers and electric motors for drone aircraft. It recently tested its Monarch 5 microturbine propulsion system in a 500-pound unmanned aircraft.

While military drones have used large jet engines for a long time, and remote-control aircraft hobbyists have been using small jet engines for decades, UAV Turbines claims that its devices are the first that are commercial grade. The company says that most commercial drone aircraft are too large for the hobbyists’ turbines and too small for the military style jet engines. It claims its devices are perfectly suited for commercial applications of unmanned aircraft.

UAV claims the devices will be ready for the market by the end of 2020.

Sometimes a new business develops that can revolutionize an industry, or even change daily life for millions of people. But the real test of a business isn’t always in its ideas; it’s in how it manages the transition from the ideas and invention stage to the stage where it is actually putting its products and services to market. With good planning and help from a skilled business lawyer, entrepreneurs and others can protect their business and themselves, and prepare themselves for success.