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Issues to address in a commercial real estate lease

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Not every Florida business is able to or interested in buying the physical space where it will operate. For some, cash flow may prevent them from investing in real property when they are just getting off of the ground, and others may wish to have the ability to move if they locate spaces that more amenable to their needs. Therefore, commercial lease agreements are common contracts that business owners deal with I the course of their operations.

A commercial lease is like a residential lease in that it provides the terms by which the parties must abide in order for one to use the space of another. Basic terms like the length of the lease, the monthly rent, the parties to the contract, and permissible uses for the space should be incorporated into the lease documents. Other terms should also be addressed to avoid problems in the lease relationship.

One important topic that should be covered in a commercial lease agreement is whether improvements may be made on the leased property. An improvement may be necessary for the leasing party to run their business, but may be prohibited by their lease. Another important topic that can be addressed in a commercial lease is how a business may use signage to advertise for their entity.

As different businesses have different needs for the properties the must secure to run their operations, commercial lease agreements can take on varying formats and can contain different terms. In order to ensure that one’s commercial lease is properly drafted to meet their business’s needs, a reader should reach out to their attorney to have their contracts reviewed.