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Requirements for getting a dealership license in Florida

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Not long ago this Florida automobile dealership and business law blog discussed who may need to secure a dealership license in order to sell motor vehicles in the state. When a private party wishes to sell a single car to another private party, they do not need to be cleared as a vehicle dealer. However, when an individual plans to make a business out of selling multiple vehicles within a statutorily set amount of time, then they must have dealership credentials in order to run their enterprise.

Prospective auto dealers must have their planned dealership sites assessed and cleared by a compliance officer from their local Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle office. Once this is done, the prospective dealer must also obtain two important numbers: their Federal Employee Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service and their sales tax number from the Florida Department of Revenue.

Additional steps that must be taken to secure a Florida automobile dealership license include the completion of a course on running dealerships as well as fingerprinting of all individuals who will serve as officers for the dealership. Records of the completion of these steps must be kept in order to demonstrate compliance.

An automobile dealership owner’s obligations do not end once they have met their licensing requirements. Ongoing regulation will require them to comply with other mandates that, if missed, may force them to close their doors and cease their business operations. The support of an attorney who works in the automobile business field of law can be useful to those who wish to open their own dealerships and maintain strong business operations through the protection of their licenses.