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Auto dealership licensing basics in Florida

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When doing business in Florida, there are all kinds of opportunities but also requirements that businesses should ensure they are meeting and following. One of these requirements includes licensing requirements to do business in the state. Knowing what those are, and ensuring the business is in compliance, is important for all businesses, including car dealerships in the sunshine state.

Auto dealership licensing is required if the car dealership has bought or will be buying, leasing or selling three or more vehicles in a year. This also applies if the car dealership will be displaying three or more vehicles for sale in a 12-month period. The auto dealership licensing process if valuable to complete but can also be complex to complete which is why trained guidance during the application process can be helpful. It is also useful to be familiar with all the specifics of the licensing requirement.

Auto dealerships should first determine the type of license they need to obtain. Next, they should complete all required pre-license training courses. An auto dealership looking to get started and licensed in Florida will also need to have a permanent location for their business. It is also necessary to gather all the necessary documents that will be required for the process; obtain proof of liability insurance and be able to document it; earn the necessary auto dealer bond; and correctly submit the application.

Everyone wants a successful business and Florida auto dealers are no different which is why they should be familiar with one of the first big steps they will encounter in getting set up and obtaining their dealership license. Knowing what to expect and how to fulfill the necessary requirements for a successful application can help provide a foundation for success down the road.