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Auto dealers may have right to protest new franchises

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Taking a leap of faith and opening an automobile franchise in Florida can be an intimidating process. A lot can go wrong when a person chooses to work with a manufacturer to open a dealership and offer vehicles for sale under the rules of their franchise agreement. The success of an automobile dealership can depend greatly on what kind of support it gets from its manufacturer and what type of competition it faces in its local market.

The opening of a new automobile dealership near an existing one may threaten the existing business’s success. Particularly if the new dealership is sanctioned by the same manufacturer as the existing business may the existing business see direct competition to the products they sell. When this unfortunate situation happens, auto dealerships have options for protesting such actions and seeking relief from threats to their business successes.

When an automobile dealership learns of a new business being proposed near them, they have 30 days to protest its opening. The evidence they may submit to show the deleterious effects of the new business’s operations on their community can vary greatly and building a strong protest claim to stop a new business’s opening can be complicated.

Attorneys who work in the automobile dealership field of law understand protest rights and support clients who must engage in these types of action to protect their business interests. In order to lodge a protest to a proposed new dealership, a party must make a timely protest or otherwise miss their opportunity to stop the process. An attorney can be a valuable asset to a business that is threatened by the opening of a new dealership in their community.