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Zoning can impact how commercial real estate is used

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Real property is often divided into two categories: residential and commercial. While residential properties are those on which homes, apartments, and other dwellings are built, commercial properties include practically everything else. A commercial property is one that is involved in commerce, whether it is manufacturing goods, selling products, or doing something else that involves running a corporation or business.

Florida residents may be used to seeing commercial properties all over their communities. There may be restaurants and gyms in their neighborhoods, and they may see massive companies and office buildings from the highways as they commute to work. Commercial properties can look very different and despite their ubiquity, they cannot pop out wherever their owners wish to build them.

That is because like residential properties, commercial properties are subject to zoning regulations. Zoning is the system of rules that establishes where certain entities may be built and operated. While some tracts of land may be marked for residential use only, others may permit the mixed use of commercial and residential in the same area.

Agricultural businesses often receive their own zoning areas and these are often on the outskirts of communities. Businesses that operate during late hours or that may disrupt communities may have their own zoning areas in areas where heavy manufacturing happens. Zoning aims to place like entities near each other so that disruptions are limited, but zoning can also limit where a business is permitted to be located. When zoning threatens a commercial entity’s plans of operations, it may be advisable for a business owner to discuss their options with a Florida attorney who understands commercial real estate rights.