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Auto Dealership And Commercial Litigation Law Blog

Automakers are not allowed to play dealerships against each other

The world of car sales is exciting in positive and negative ways. Success can mean quick expansion and the ability to create jobs for the community. But margins can be small and any interruption in business could mean financial disaster as new models age with each passing day.

Few things are predictable, even competition. But Florida has laws that constrain reckless strategies in the market like stacking distributors of the same motor vehicles in the same territory. If dealers think their business is being choked off by a practice like this, they have the right to protest with the government in Tallahassee.

Manufacturer guidelines can help resolve franchise disputes

Few industries embody the American Dream more than car sales. Sometimes all you need to succeed in it is the drive to create comfort for motorists and the right opportunity to relate to a market. But a lot of people may share this dream, and that can lead to conflicts.

Motor vehicle manufacturers value their brands and work to preserve the perception of their values. This means no market can have too many or too few options, and franchisees cannot be too close together either by geography or by audience. Florida's Statute 320 governs the dynamics of how car dealers can work together to stay out of each other's way.

Online platforms vindicated in Florida business tax case

The world of business is constantly changing, with customers changing their tastes and manufacturers switching up their offerings every year. No one knows this better than car dealers, who encounter a new offering with new features every year for every model.

As a result, the world of business law changes a lot as well. Tax codes in Florida and elsewhere in the United States may change every year, and counties can change their approach to business based on a lot of different factors. Many businesses have a legal counsel to automatically deal with these issues and any problems that may come up for the individual projects or operations.

Florida's commercial real estate market steams along

You have a new business that needs a home. Your expanding business needs new retail options or ways to reach out to clientele. Your pared-down business needs to save some money with a more modest location. If any of these are true, you are looking for commercial real estate.

Florida is the place to be for a good option for real estate. The Sunshine State shows no sign of slowing down after more than a decade of a property boom that includes new acquisitions, subdivisions and developments in Miami, Orlando, the Tampa area and elsewhere.

Accessibility: An important factor in commercial real estate

Business owners know that location can be everything.

That is why choosing the right property for your business is such a crucial decision. Business owners must approach this decision with strategic precision. You must complete your due diligence before purchasing a property. And an important factor that all business owners must consider nowadays is accessibility.

What is the Florida dealer license you're looking for?

There are many different kinds of car dealership licenses in the Sunshine State. The diversity in options is designed to match the various types of merchants that deal in motor vehicles and their components.

What kind of dealer license do I need if I'm interested in selling new cars?

What law protects car dealerships from unfair competition?

Car sales can be a rough business, but that doesn't stop new players from trying to get into it. Occasionally, some may violate state law in the attempt to get an unfairly large piece of the local market.

  • Why are car dealerships licensed by the state of Florida?

Many sales industries that involve large purchases are regulated in some way by the government of the state in which they occur. This includes real estate, motor vehicles and many other types of large asset transfers. One reason is to avoid the possibility of financial crimes based on ill-gotten gains. Another is the protection of staff and customers alike from the possibility of fraud and other issues related to large exchanges.

  • How could a car dealership's license be cast into doubt?

The Florida Franchise Act guards against dealership fraud

Have you ever heard a business idea that was too good to be true? Some of them may be like a surprise investment not on offer to many other people, but smart businesspeople often conclude something that is too good to be true probably isn't true at all.

If the business idea was a car dealership, then investors in prospective lots can take comfort in the Florida Franchise Act. This law spells out how some efforts to get a dealership or several off the ground may be considered a violation of the law.

What are deceptive trade practices under Florida law?

Trust is one of the main foundations of good business in a burgeoning economy. Customers and clients have to believe their vendors and service providers have their best interests at heart. This is why people who have a problem with businesses and their policies have recourse in the Florida civil court system.

  • What is it called when someone breaches trust in the marketplace?

If a business or a person working for a company is not being honest with a potential customer, it is considered a deceptive trade practice. This may apply to unrealistic claims made about products or any deceptions regarding the specifics of a product's function. This also may include both vehicle and property sales.

  • Who might bring a suit for deceptive trade practices?

Millennials seek suburban comfort in Florida

Real estate is big business in Florida, and it has been for decades. Many developers make their choices and place their investments after a lot of research into where will generate the most income or profit. The people who understand these rules have been noticing a change in the Sunshine State and are changing their strategies as a result.

The second half of the 20th century saw a huge uptick in suburban building as many people with the means and skills to move to the cities did so. Many families previously working on farms and in factories also made their way to suburbs, chasing the dream of home ownership and community.

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